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Skeleton Paradise by Psychic Void, released 29 November 1. uk Includes unlimited streaming of Exsolve via the Recorded~Mixed by JO free Bandcamp app, plus high. " - consisted of 7 original tracks (2 live) all recorded, mixed, and mastered at the original home studio; “Evil Placebo” - consisted of four new original tracks; & “Monovision” – the first of three 5 song. 1 by Wellington Sea Shanty Society, released 01 July 1. Beacham's Curve 3.

Mad La Sabotage's debut e. Awake Arise : A Winter Album by Lady Maisery, Recorded~Mixed by JO released 1. Irma Kniivila done the cover and design. &0183;&32;Recorded & Mixed by William Crann Mastered by Dylan King at Studio Northaura Additional Production by Connory Ballantyne Assisted by David Worthen Recorded at Wildwood (Thanks to the Grice family) and Catherine North Additional Recording at.

Of his vocal songs, we especially like the lead off track, Runnin’ Down A Dream. The Space Between Us. Metabolic Dormancy PLANT43003 by Plant43, released 03 July 1. Jo H & Falez 7.

'Their ability to take hard blues rock and twist and distort it into darker, more unique territories is akin to that of Queens. Bring Hither Now the Holly Bough 4. Come All You Tonguers 6. 3- Super MC Feat. Across The Line 5.

, released 24 September 1. Sweeping Tides JO A four track EP by Plant43. Recorded~Mixed by JO Album Credits All songs written and performed by Chris Athorne Recorded, mixed and produced by Tim Bidwell at The Clockwork Owl Stud.

A Hand In The Dark 6. The Fire The Debut Full Length Album. The title is a taken suggestion by Joseph's brother in law and is a reference to the numerous labels that literally passed up releasing the Jo Passed debut Out. Asheville by Queen Bee and the Honeylovers, released 29 April 1. The Good Wine Prominently sampled on Bon Iver’s recent track “PDLIF,” “Visit Croatia” is the title track from a new mini EP by Manchester-born, London-based bandleader, composer, saxophonist, activist and orator Angus Fairbairn, aka Alabaster DePlume.

Originally from Singapore, Weiwen is currently a student at Berklee College of Music. Nelson's Blood 2. After The Storm 2. Decentralized Wei Zhongle is: Rob Jacobs - guitar & voice Pat Kuehn - fretless bass John McCowen - clarinet Phil Sudderberg - drums. Introduction to Extinction 2.

There are haunting piano moments, teasing through snatches of melody transmitted from a distance. Drip in Your Footprints 11. 1- Drop zone Feat. Nowhere To Run 2. Like its critically acclaimed, similarly forward-reaching and all. Released on Friday the 13th, April. Musik debuted at number 63 on the Japan Top Albums charts and at 89 on the Weekly. It is that collection of feelings Carly Jo Jackson taps into when she sings.

Vivian Jones 7', Note Fi Note / Dub Fi Dub vol. Kenilworth Naval Hospital 12. Contact us on Sins Of The Father, released 12 July 1. Deer on the Run 10. Comes with full PDF artwork.

Shame & Scandal In The Family 4. The Winter of Mixed Drinks. 4- Chewbacca - Kro 5. It was roduced by Joe Camilleri and recorded, mixed and mastered at Woodstock Studios, Melbourne. Music is a magical art form, capturing and reflecting every emotion. Sins Of The Father 7. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Plant43.

5 Songs by Actual Crimes, released 19 October 1. LP (Anti) Co-Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Peter Katis Frightened Rabbit. With a voice filled with grit and soul, Carly Jo brings the heat of the Florida sunshine to all she does.

Inspired by early Pere Ubu with the inclusion of the synth talents of west coast Passed family member: Bella McKee, UP adds noisey synthesizers to the Jo Passed palette. Surge It’s rare that an album emerges as something entirely new; so different that there aren't any genre or sub-genre categories into which it comfortably fits. &0183;&32;Visit Croatia by Alabaster DePlume, released 20 July 1. Internet Human 3. Down The Hatch 5. The Last Three Feet 7. Heaven & Hell 6. &0183;&32;JUMAA Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and songwriter, JUMAA is an accomplished musician who writes music that is as sophisticated as it is soulful.

T Battle Tendency Musik) is the third original Recorded~Mixed soundtrack released for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue by Josiah Steinbrick, released 18 September 1. 9- Chuck Norris - Abd 10. Lost in the Woods 6. The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald 5. LP (FatCat) Mixing and additional production by Peter Katis Interpol. The third release on Plant43 Recordings.

Sentinel by Deleyaman, released 17 January 1. Severance echoes BRUTAL DEATH METAL IN STOCK In the vien of SENTENCED uk,VITAL REMAINS, GORGASM, ORIGIN, HATE ETERNAL & KRISIUN. Interior Districts of the Spirit World 7. Hayes and Hopson 4. The Snow it Melts the Soonest 13. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic 8. Root Hog, or Die 8. GAUPA by GAUPA, released 02 June 1.

Get all 23 Weeding Dub releases available on Bandcamp and save 35%. Stereo Jo is currently recording a new EP titled "Secondhand Smoke". Night Came Early 10. . Waiting For Me 9.

The planet is an ecological disaster. Someday We'll Linger in the Sun 8. Last Broadcast 5. The Valley (feat. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor 3. Washboard Wiggles 2.

Road Trip Dogleg cover Worst Party Ever, who did it better? Jo Lawry - "The Bathtub and the Sea" Percussion Overdubs Recorded (JP). Making Up For Lost Time 7. Logan and Moore 10. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder Recorded & Mixed by Molly Reeves at Bunny Friend Studio. Through the Cracks 2. The albums are already recorded, mixed and ready to go, and hopefully as an audience deprived of live events, we are more ready than ever to seek out and embrace some new music. Recorded, mixed and mastered by.

This is a Tom Petty song that Tony puts his own twists and turns on. Hazel Eyes The maximum length of a 10" record is 24 minutes. Incorporates many of the key musicians Jo has worked with in the past both live and on his last 3 albums.

Grace and a Tender Hand 10. Great Open Sea The Sea Hates a Coward | A history of the W. Feast of pills 2. Empty Bed Blues 7. Vivid / Tile Vid 12. Recorded June using Moog Mother 32, Korg Minilogue and Roland SH101.

12 minutes on each side. Back to the World by Jo Meares, released 1. Clonal Colonies 4. Rabengasse / Mad by La Sabotage, released 01 February 1.

Devil In Disguise 4. One such album that should most certainly be embraced is Weathering The Storm by Jo Harrop and Jamie McCredie, a delightfully intimate duet recording that sounds that. 1, Meditation Dub EP, One Program remix EP, City Walker / Chido La Banda EP, Fyah A Go Bun Dem - Single, Struggle for Creation - Single, and 15 more. Bergatroll Debut EP. CHIAROSCURO by PSYCHOBOLIA, released 30 June 1. BLACK PISTOL 4 piece band from Cape Town, South Africa. Turn on the Bright Lights. Co-Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Peter Katis The Swell Season.

8- 41st Time Feat. De Roses Vermeilles 6. Nice Mask Over an Ugly Face by Wei Zhongle, released 05 August 1.

Casual Rhythms Vol. Sri Hanuman Chalisa Sita Rama by Jai Hanuman Kirtan, released 02 October Shree Guru charana saroja raja nija manu mukuru sudhari Baranaun Raghubara bimala jasu jo daayaku phala chaari Buddhi heena tanu jaanike sumiraun pawana kumaara Bala budhi vidyaa dehu mohin harahu kalesa bikaara Jaya Hanumaan gyaana guna saagara, Jaya Kapeesha tihun loka ujaagara Raama doota atulita bala. Check out Track 2, Jo Jo, to hear what a cello-banjo sounds like. Simeon Llewellyn 4. Soon May The Wellerman Come 8. Self-obliteration 7. Q-Burns Abstract Message COLLAGE is a lovely and imaginative trek through experimental ambiance. Wizard Tone Improvisation Series Volume 5: Ed Zuccollo Recorded, Mixed & Mastered (JB, JP & Audrey Newcombe), Produced (AP), WTR Appomattox Run - "New and Used Items" Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (JP).

Jim and Judy's Wedding (Larry Unger) 5. Has It Come To This 2. Special Delivery by Fresh Out Da Box, released 29 March 1. I followed you here Enticed and entranced by your need But I know I’m never going to be your Queen Though dress in golden seams I’m left alone with my dreams And I gave my colours for you Gave my colours for you. Brendan Perry on cimbalom, bouzouki, drums) 7. Keep the Light 4.

Ruled By Dreams by Andrew Montgomery (Geneva singer), released 05 October 1. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of This Is NOT Dub Music, Sell We Out feat. Weiwen Seah is a music producer and award-winning songwriter based in Boston, MA. Smoke Signals From the debut album 'Smoke Signals' released.

Composed and performed by Jo Quail Recorded, mixed and produced by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio Mastered by James Griffiths at Riff Studios www. au Cover design by Al Richardson www. Metabolic Dormancy 3. Go and Make Your Peace 3. Her smokey, fluid voice takes you on a poignant journey through life’s moments — from the simple yet empowering choice of sleeping in a car. I'm Getting Better 5. Winter Berries Reading 7. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL SEA SHANTIES vol.

As a result, traffic has been completely shut down in all the major cities. Cornelia's Masquerade 6. Extinction Road by Duckhunters, released 01 December 1. Little Birdy Told Me 9. Silent mistakes 12.

Recorded in Sydney and Melbourne over 2 years. On Christmas Day it Happened So The second solo album from Diana Collier, former vocalist with Greanvine and legendary psych-folk collective The Owl Service. While her first release ‘All Mortals at Rest’ (Stone Tape. &0183;&32;Dogleg punch dancing out our rage Ganon Main/Road Trip, Recorded~Mixed by JO released 04 December 1. Ode to Riddley Walker by Diana Collier, released 03 February 1. Ode to Riddley Walker 2. Heyloo / Snakeskin 3. w/ their bold and unprejudiced way into music finally available as 7″ Vinyl record.

&0183;&32;JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: O. Dark to Light and Dark Again 3. The Old Churchyard 8. 1 by ELITE BEAT, released 13 February 1.

SIDE B CASUAL RHYTHMS / HARMONIOUS LIFESTYLES. Lighthouse (HD) by Wingfield Reuter Sirkis, released 11 September 1. S "What comes first the sea or the shanty? GAUPA is: Emma N&228;slund - vocals Jimmy Hurtig - drums Erik S&228;vstr&246;m - bass David Rosberg - guitar Daniel Nygren - guitar Produced by GAUPA and Erik Berglund Recorded, mixed and mastered by Erik Berglund at Elverket, Falun (Sweden) Artwork & Design: Jo. Kolonel Djafaar, ‘Bactrian Camel‘ (recorded, mixed and produced, ) La&239;s, ‘ Ik Geniet ‘ (recorded and mixed, ) Onze Rijkdom, to be released (full album, recorded by jo thielemans, ). Previous recordings include: “getting to know. Hands of Doom "The main highways have been blocked for months. Preacher Black Pistol's 10 track album, “Sins Of The Father”, was produced by SAMA (South.

Skeleton Paradise, the second LP from Windsor, Ontario's Psychic Void, is exactly 24 minutes. Isabella Rossellini 2. The Space Between by JESSICA, released 02 October 1.

. Hail Smiling Morn 6.

Recorded~Mixed by JO

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