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The completion of a motion, as in the stroke of a tennis racket. You "follow up" to: make sure that something gets done: They&39;re not very reliable. More FOLLOW THROUGH videos. You will be asked to remove some of FOLLOW THROUGH your clothes and to wear a gown during the exam. Your stool may be a whitish color in the days after the exam, or you may experience constipation. com, FOLLOW THROUGH follow through is the act of continuing a plan, project, scheme, or the like to its completion. When used with a contrast material, which clearly defines the area being examined by making it appear dark (or by electronically reversing the image contrast to white), this special x-ray technique makes it possible for the physician to view joints or internal organs in motion. Follow-through starts when the shooter has aligned the sights and begun to aim the shot.

The contrast material may cause diarrhea. · For example: Parent and child made an agreement that the child would feed the cat every morning. .

Small bowel follow-through is performed to assess the small intestine for abnormalities in size and shape and evaluate how waste matter moves through it. You may experience some discomfort from having parts of your abdomen compressed during the examination. federal government that has ever been conducted. Prior to the procedure, the patient drinks a liquid that contains barium or an iodine-based contrast, a contrast material that enhances x-ray images. The winners are as follows: E. You may be asked to take a laxative to help improve imaging of the digestive tract. 22 → to follow in someone&39;s footsteps → footstep → to follow your nose → nose → to follow suit → suit follow through phrasal verb If you follow through an action, plan, or idea or follow through with it, you continue doing or thinking about it until you have done everything possible. Also inform your doctor about recent illnesses or other medical conditions.

But the child still struggles with follow-through. The duration of the examination depends on the amount of time it takes for the contrast to pass from the stomach to the large intestine. At its most basic level, as described by Dictionary. Gracious Father, grant that I may not be content to follow through ignorance and indolence and be led to the lowly paths of life. DRIVER FOLLOW THROUGH - THE COMPLETE DRIVER GOLF GUIDEPGA Golf Coach, Rick Shiels guides you step by step on how to hit your golf driver, better, longer, str. (ˈfɑlouˌθruː, -ˈθruː) noun. What is follow up with?

Days after Congress passed a 0 billion defense funding bill over the objections of President Trump, the president said on Twitter that he would veto the legislation, though Congress. For example, think of a baseball swing or golf swing. In shooting, it means to continue aiming, breath control and hold control until after the shot is fired. As a result, bones appear white on the x-ray, soft tissue shows up in shades of gray and air appears black. A follow-through day can&39;t pick the exact day that a market bottoms, but it can get you in close to the bottom. Gavin DeGraw&39;s official music video for &39;Follow Through&39;. Fluoroscopy, which converts x-rays into video images, is used to watch and guide progress of the procedure. to carry through (as a process) to completion.

The technologist will situate you on the x-ray table and position the x-ray machine above your abdominal area. You may feel some bloating and nausea from drinking it. Does follow through matter? Dense bone absorbs much of the radiation while soft tissue, such as muscle, fat and organs, allow more of the x-rays to pass through them. The intermittent passage of contrast material through the pylorus, or opening of the stomach into the small intestine, may interrupt the radiologist&39;s view of the contrast material.

Although the procedure can be performed by itself, it is often done after an Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) fluoroscopic study of the esophagus, stomach and the section of the duodenum just beyond the stomach. Improve your post-impact position and movements through these helpful golf keys. A person with consistent follow-through skills will complete projects on time, on budget, and with satisfied clients. fol·low-through 1. The most extensive evaluation of Follow Through data covers the years 1968–1977; however, the program continued to receive funding from the government until 1995.

Sports To carry a stroke to natural completion after hitting or releasing a ball or other object. See the Safety page for more information about pregnancy and x-rays. If an x-ray is necessary, precautions will be taken to minimize radiation exposure to the baby.

The customer service guy said he would send me an email, and he actually followed through and did it. The technologist will walk behind a wall or into the next room to activate the x-ray machine. to continue something until it is completed: The city has raised the money for more teachers – now it has to follow through and hire them. You&39;ll have to follow through With every word you say And I, all I really want is you You to stick around I&39;ll see you everyday But you have to follow through You have to follow through The words you say to me are unlike anything That&39;s ever been said And what you do to me is unlike anything That&39;s ever been Am I too obvious to preach it?

The wannabe guest bloggers. follow through 1 In sports such as tennis or golf, carry a stroke to completion after striking the ball. the task of finding a durable solution to the refugee problem as a follow-through to the temporary measures.

. You should inform your physician of any medications being taken and if there are any allergies, especially to iodinated contrast materials. As a leader, following through on your commitments is a do or die, a make or break, situation. You should drink plenty of fluids when using the laxative. See full list on radiologyinfo. What is follow through skill? Available to advise on all aspects cinema/television/gaming projects from concept development through final production, including but not limited to: script/content development and review.

The fifth fundamental of firing the shot is follow-through. Before the imaging exam begins, you will be asked to drink two or more large cups of contrast material. It was characteristic of him that, before abandoning it, he should follow through to the end the result of its publication. Exaggerate your follow through by keeping your sight on the target and your shooting arm up until the ball reaches the FOLLOW THROUGH basket. · The Figure-8 Follow-Through also called the Flemish Bend and Figure-8 Trace knot is the most important knot to learn as a climber. It is recommended that you be near a bathroom in the hours following the procedure because of the large amount of contrast material ingested. Different parts of the body absorb the x-rays in varying degrees. Still images or movies are also captured and stored electronically on a computer.

If you told her you&39;d help her move, then you need to follow through. If perforation of the colon is suspected, small bowel follow-through should be performed with a water-soluble iodine based contrast solution. Is as follows meaning? Women should always inform their physician and x-ray technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant. Follow Through was the largest and most expensive experimental project in education funded by the U. The follow through should not be static, instead it should be a smooth movement.

follow through 1. follow up with (someone) on (something) "Following up on" something means reviewing it again later. The simplest description of follow-through is that it&39;s when you maintain aim, breath control, hold control and trigger control until after the shot has been fired and the gun has settled back into position. ) As the contrast moves from the stomach into the small FOLLOW THROUGH intestine, the radiologist will use an x-ray machine to look for any abnormalities. You may be asked to wear a lead shield to help protect certain parts of your body. 1 : to continue a stroke or motion to the end of its arc. the portion of such a motion after the ball has been hit.

Our brother deserves no less Sean Monterrosa was killed by police while on his knees with his hands above his waist. The contrast material is ingested in the form of a thick, chalky white drink or a clear thin liquid that is usually flavored to make it more palatable. Definition of follow through (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. verb To engage in an action or complete some task that one said or implied one would do.

The equipment typically used for this examination consists of a radiographic table, one or two x-ray tubes and a television-like monitor that is located in the examining room. In response to mess-ups or objections, remember that less is more, and try the following 5 Ways to Get Follow-Through (without nagging): 5 Ways to Get Follow-Through (without nagging): KISS. It is as foolish to go back on a punishment as to threaten it and not follow through. You use as follows in writing or speech to introduce something such as a list, description, or an explanation. In most sports, following through means completing a movement. Once the contrast reaches your small intestine, the radiologist will observe its flow via fluoroscopy. · Message to Biden-Harris: Follow through on justice promises. It is easily measured by results.

The editorial criticizes Reagan for failing to follow through on those democratic revolutions. Without follow through, you credibility is damaged, your personal brand takes a hit, and your leadership will be questioned. · follow through (verb): to press on in an activity or process especially to a conclusion follow-through (noun): the act or an instance of following through. Indeed, a good follow through and finish position will require a proper journey on the way there. During the study, you may be asked to rotate your position on the x-ray table in order to coat all the surfaces of your bowel with the contrast. Spot x-rays will be taken of any significant abnormalities. When does follow-through start? The video is produced by the x-ray machine and a detector that is suspended over a table on which the patient lies.

This is the best knot to tie the rope into your harness since it is the strongest climbing knot. Small masses and less severe strictures, or abnormal areas of narrowing, may be difficult to see. · Keep reminding yourself how you’ll benefit if you follow through, how you’d be hurt if you don’t. You will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking for several hours before the procedure. In sports, to follow through is to continue a swinging motion of the arms or legs when making a play: You can’t drive the golf ball unless you follow through after hitting it. · A follow-through is something that completes an action or a planned series of actions.


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